Me and the Oscars

My thoughts on some of the winners of the Academy Awards.

Here’s to a much better show next year.

The New Yorker’s new look + open archive

The New Yorker, one of my few favorite publications, have finally updated their website. The new look is fantastic for browsing on the Mac, iPad and iPhone. Aside from the fresh new design, they are opening their articles archive for everyone, yes everyone, for free throughout the summer.

So, go ahead, read the announcement and start digging into their articles!

Global Warming

A few years ago I’ve been to the magnificent island of Mauritius. This week, I was asked to write an article about global warming and how it affects a country, I chose to write about Mauritius. Notice that I wrote the article for a college assignment before commenting. So, here it is.

Global warming is a serious issue. With each year passing by, the heat of the planet increases and more issues appear. These changes are dangerous and they effect everyone. But some countries are effected more than others. One of these countries is Mauritius, it’s an island located in the Indian Ocean. Mauritius will be severely effected by the climate change and might eventually disappear.

The climate change will have a massive impact on the planet. Ice caps will melt in the polars which will result in a rise in sea levels. Mauritius will suffer from the climate change because at first all the coral reefs will disappear and that will cause a significant decrease in tourism, and the island will eventually disappear because of the rising sea levels. Therefore, Mauritius will be effected both naturally and financially because of the global warming.

Global warming will also effect the temperature. The temperature all over Mauritius will increase dramatically and that will be extremely dangerous to both locals and tourists. The number of wildfires will increase and also there will be many casualties because of the heat and the wildfires.

The climate change will increase the number of natural disasters. Due to that, Mauritus will be more vulnerable to tsunamis and earthquakes. Because of that, a lot of people may die and the cities will be destroyed.

Mauritius is one of many islands all over the world that will suffer from the effects of global warming even though many of these islands haven’t participated in the increase of global warming. The world must act now and try to reduce pollution by any necessary means. After all, we are responsible of determining the future of our lives and the lives of our kids.

Abdullah Boodai

I took this photo back in April when I was in Dubai. During my stay I ate breakfast at Dean & Deluca (@The Dubai Mall). Their waffles are freaking delicious!! And if you ever go to Dubai, you have to try it. Take a look at the photo so you can see why it’s delicious.

Update: Dean & Deluca closed their branch at The Dubai Mall for some reason. I’m sure they have another branch in Dubai, but the one in Dubai Mall doesn’t exist anymore.