Episode review – Girls, “The Panic In Central Park”

 This episode felt like a reboot for Marnie. A way to make her likable again, or at least less-hated. And the re-introduction of a person from the past to do that was brilliant. 

Having the surprising, yet welcome, return of Christopher “Charlie” Abbott, was one of the highlights of the episode, and I really loved the way it happened, where Marnie was just walking and listening to music and she meets him out of nowhere. 

We saw how much he has changed since the break-up, he’s gained weight, got a new accent, grew a beard, and got himself a new job as a drug dealer (and quite possibly an abuser).

It was nice seeing how the two would react after not seeing each other for a long time. We got to see a glimpse of what could’ve been had they stayed together. And despite everything, we still got to see the same old narcissistic Marnie at the shop. 

Desi’s confrontation at the end of the episode was hilarious, mainly due to his prediction of Marnie getting murdered in the future. And the final shot with Hannah was adorable, showing us that no matter what, these two girls have each other’s back in the end. What a beautiful episode, this season has been excellent so far.

And let’s not forget the beauty of this scene where Marnie and Charlie fall from the boat.


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