The Americans returned this year for a new season filled with espionage action, family issues, thrilling missions, awesome songs, and most importantly, new wigs.

The show picks up after last season’s big revelation (Paige’s recruitment plans). Things are tense between Phillip and Elizabeth this season, their constant debate about Paige’s inevitable recruitment, with Philip being against the recruitment, while Elizabeth thinking that they should do it for their country.

Martha was a big player this season, her storyline was just sad, with her realizing that her love life is a complete lie, and how that affects both her personal and professional lives.

The same thing goes to Paige, and her shocking confrontation with her parents, and her struggle to come to terms with the fact that her parents are spies. Not to mention the season’s finale, where Paige has compromised her parents identities to someone (presumably Pastor Tim) on the phone, leaving us with a cliffhanger, as usual with the final episode of each season of this brilliant show.

Matthew Rhys and Kerri Russell were both wonderful. But the actors who gave extraordinary performances this season are Aliso Wright (Martha) and Holly Taylor (Paige).

And who can forget one of the season’s funniest moments: Henry’s (Keidrich Sellati) hilarious Eddie Murphy impression.

The Americans proved that it still is one of the best shows on air. A perfect show with a team of smart writers and talented actors. Sadly, it was one of the many great shows that were snubbed by the Emmys this year. Now all we can do is just wait patiently for the next season.

Best Episodes: Walter Taffet / Do Mail Robots Dream of Electric Sheep? / Stingers

Final verdict: Essential


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