My Favorite iOS 7 Apps

Last year, I made a post about my favorite iOS apps. So now, I decided it’s time for me to update it.

iOS 7 was a complete facelift for iOS. That’s why many apps were forced to be redesigned from the ground up. Some of the apps in this post were already mentioned in last year’s post and some of them weren’t. Here we go.


My iPhone


Tweetbot: My favorite Twitter client. Tweetbot was and will always be the only way I use Twitter. I got it on my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. The iOS 7 update was a complete overhaul for the app. It became faster and a lot of great features were added, alongside the existing features of course. Now I’m just waiting for the iOS 7 redesign of the iPad app. Get Tweetbot here.

Reeder: I was a bit worried when Google announced that it was shutting down Google Reader, but when Silvio Rizzi announced that Reeder will add support for Feedly, Feedbin, Feed Wrangler, and local RSS reading, I was worried no more. Reeder for iOS 7 is a remake of the same good old Reeder, but with new gestures and features, plus it’s now a universal app. Get Reeder here.

Pocket Casts / Instacast: Before iOS 7, Instacast was my favorite podcast client, and Pocket Casts was just an app that I regretted buying. But after both of these apps were updated for iOS 7, Pocket Casts became my favorite, although Instacast is still as great as it ever was. Both of these apps are rich with features, and they both look great. As for which one to use, it’s just a matter of personal opinions. Get Pocket Casts here, and Instacast here.

Vesper: An elegant, simple note taking app. Vesper allows you to create notes quickly. You can add photos to your notes, sort your notes by tags, share your notes, and archive them. Vesper is a must for every iOS user. The app is missing two key features though. The first one is iPad support and the second one is the ability to sync notes between devices. Both of these missing features are coming in future updates. Get Vesper from here.

iShows: The best TV shows tracking app for iOS. A simple app with a beautiful UI and a lot of features. You can track all your favorite shows, mark the episodes that you’ve seen, and even discover new trending shows. You can customize the app with different themes and colors, and you can also change shows’ posters. Get the app here.

Fantastical: Ever since I got Fantastical 2, I started to use it daily. I also stopped using Clear (a great todo lists app) because of the built in reminders feature in Fantastical. It’s hands down the best calendar app I’ve ever used. The only missing thing is the iPad app (which is coming btw). Get it here.

Weather Line: An extremely useful, yet simple, weather app. Weather Line is full of many useful weather information all presented in a great, smart way. You can get hourly, daily, and monthly forecasts for everyday and for up to 8 locations. The app uses, which means that you’ll get the most accurate weather forecasts and predictions. Get Weather Line here.

Instapaper / Pocket: Both of these apps are great for reading articles later. I didn’t choose one because they’re both great, and I honestly don’t care which one I use. I have both of them in all my iOS devices. I also use this IFTTT recipe to save articles automatically between them, which means I have all the articles in both of them. Get Pocket here, or Instapaper from here.

Day One: A great journaling app with a lot of features. Day One allows you to write about everything you want on any device. It provides you with weather and location data for all of your entries. You can also attach photos to your entries and enable password protection for the app. The app is universal and also available for OS X. It also supports sync. Get Day One from here.

1Password: This app is a life saver! It keeps all of your passwords safe and in one place. It also generates passwords for you and it has a built in safe browser. 1Password supports sync using iCloud and Dropbox. It is available for iOS and OS X. Get it here.

Wikipanion: My favorite Wikipedia app, before and after iOS 7. Wikipanion gives you the full Wikipedia experience in all of your iOS devices. Get Wikipanion for iPhone from here, and Wikipanion for iPad from here.

Instashare: A great app with a simple purpose. Instashare allows you to transfer photos video, and files between all your devices in no time! You can use it on iOS, OS X, and Android. Get it from here.


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