One of my favorite bands, Tommy and The High Pilots, released their new and highly anticipated album (at least by me) on the 28th of May. The album is called “Only Human” and it’s perfect.

the album's artwork

The album is simply great. It’s full of catchy and well-written songs. Everything in it is fantastic. The instruments. Tommy’s vocals and the backing vocals. This album is another great release by one of my favorite Californians.

It’s a great follow up to their previous releases. You’ll like it wether you’re a fan or not. You should definitely listen to the record. From the first track to the last. You’ll surely find at least one song that you’ll like, if not all of them! So far, my favorite tracks are ‘Get Up’, ‘Innocent’, ‘Outta My Head’ and the title track ‘Only Human’.

This is the music video of ‘Outta My Head’


Here’s the album on Spotify :

And here’s the iTunes link, go support them!


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