It’s that time of the year again. The time for Apple to announce the latest updates to OS X and iOS in the annual WWDC.

This year, all eyes were on iOS. Mainly because Jony Ive took over as the lead designer of iOS, not to mention the hype after Tim Cook’s interview at D11 where he hinted at some huge changes in iOS 7.

When Apple unveiled iOS 7 today, it was met with positive reactions by developers and users alike. Not to mention the standing ovation after the unveiling.

For me. I think that iOS 7 is great. I loved how everything was completely redesigned although it might take some time for people to adjust to the new interface. New features like Control Center and better multitasking were essential in my opinion and I’m glad that these two features are finally coming to iOS. However, the only bad thing in my opinion is the design of some of the icons. But still, Apple has months before iOS 7 is officially released to the public. So that means they plenty of time to make the iOS better in the upcoming betas before the final release.

As for iTunes Radio, dubbed “iRadio” by the media, I think that the idea is great. It obviously serves as a Pandora replacement. The interface is clean and beautiful. And of course, it will allow you to listen to any song you can think of from the huge music database of iTunes. But we can’t actually know how good it is before trying it first.

There is a plethora of great features, but Apple only focused on ten of them. Control Center, Notification Center, Multitasking, Camera, Photos, AirDrop, Safari, iTunes Radio and Siri. But i’m sure that we will hear about the other features as soon as people start to write and blog about their experience with iOS 7 beta (out today).

I was shocked, however, by how Apple “Sherlocked” some apps. Mainly 1Password. They basically copied 1Password’s functions and introduced them as iCloud keychain. Also Mailbox, with the new swipe gestures in the mail app.

iOS 7 is Apple’s answer to Google and Samsung. I think that iOS users now have no excuse to switch to Android. They have no excuse to jailbreak either.


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