Favorite Apps – iOS 6

Clear: I’ve talked about Clear many times. this app is the best task app in the AppStore. it has many great features like the sync between Mac and iOS and also the smart gesture-based control system. this app will keep you asking for more, it also has many themes that are unlocked after some certain missions.

Honorable Mentions: Things.

Tweetbot: this app is a gem. it is by far the best twitter client i’ve ever used. The design is beautiful. it has many useful features. Tweetbot is the perfect twitter client for you. whether you’re a normal user or a nerd, you’ll love Tweetbot.

Honorable Mentions: Twitterrific.

Instagram: I think you all know this app. I’ve been using it since October 2010 (the date of the release) and Instagram keeps getting better. the only bad thing is that you can no longer view Instagram photos on Twitter.

IntoNow: I use this app everyday, It’s an app that allows you to check-in when you watch TV shows, so if you’re watching a show, just open the app and the app will recognize the show for you. IMHO this app is better than GetGlue and Miso.

Paper by FiftyThree: this app is like a sketch book, it’s elegant, simple, creative and innovative at the same time.

Day One: a journal app, with many great features and a beautiful design.

Reeder: hands down one of the best if not the best RSS readers in the AppStore. the app’s design is simple and it allows you to subscribe to new feeds from within the app. plus, it allows you to share what you read on any social network you could think of.

Honorable Mentions: Byline.

Episodes: I am a TV addict. I watch a LOT of TV shows every week. But it’s really hard to keep track of every new episode. Episodes notifies you whenever a new episode of your favorite show is out. You can also mark episode as seen after you watch them. Plus, it’s free! It’s a great app and I would actually buy it if it wasn’t free.

Honorable mentions: iShows.


Instapaper: did you ever start reading an article on your laptop and then had to leave your house? that’s where Instapaper comes. It allows you to save articles and webpages and read them later offline on any of your devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop).

Honorable Mentions: Pocket, Readability.

Solar: the best weather app, great app with minimalist design and a beautiful UI.

Honorable Mentions: Yahoo! Weather.

Mailbox: the best mail client I’ve ever used. It makes reading mail fun and productive. with this app, you’ll definitely reach Inbox Zero. the only downside is the waiting time in line.

Honorable Mentions: Sparrow.

1Password: this app is a LIFE SAVER! it keeps all of your passwords safe and in one place.

Alien Blue: the best reddit client in the AppStore, much better than the official app.


Instacast: my favorite podcatcher. the latest version (Instacast 3) has a beautiful UI and it’s full of great features.

Honorable Mentions: Downcast.

Songza: forget about Pandora and Spotify, this app is the best music app available, with many great features, like the concierge, which plays songs that are best for your mood.

I drew all the icons by myself using Paper by FiftyThree.



This list of wonderful apps is definitely outdated. The selected apps were definitely the best at the time. I might write a follow-up about my current favorite apps sometime in the future.


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