App of the week: Paper by FiftyThree


This week’s app is Paper by FiftyThree. It is an app where you can “capture your ideas as sketches, diagrams, illustrations, notes or drawings and share them across the web”. The app is developed by FiftyThree, a New York/Seattle based company.

The app is like a sketch book, it’s elegant, simple, creative and innovative at the same time. It has six different tools:

Draw: the draw tool is basically a fountain pen, it can track you movement so you can draw thick or thin lines as you like. It’s a basic and essential tool, it’s a free tool that doesn’t require an IAP.

Sketch: the sketch tool is simple and easy, it is basically for doodling and sketching ideas.

Outline: the outline tool is just like a marker, you can use it to outline things but it’s also great for mixing colors together.

Write: I think that this tool speaks for its self, it is a writing tool that is great because it’s precise and perfect for writing notes and ideas.

Color: this tool is my favorite, it is watercolor tool that works perfectly well with touch screens, if you are coloring the sky for example, the more you color it the darker the color will be. it’s simply fantastic.

Mixer: this tool is the newest, it is really great because it allows you to mix colors in a really smart and innovative way, not the old fashioned color mixers we used to see in photoshop and other softwares and apps, it is so good that Phil Schiller previewed it at the iPad Mini event.


Here’s a video about the app:

The app is free, but all the tools are IAPs except for the Draw tool. Here’s the link to it on the AppStore

I hope you like this week’s app.


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