App of the week: Clear


This week’s app is called “Clear”, it’s a great gesture-based to-do list app for iPhone & Mac. The app has been released about a year ago (Mac version released yesterday) by Realmac Software. The app is self-advertised as a simple app for list-keeping. You can create tasks by swiping and pinching. The app is using multi-touch gestures in a great creative way.

Here are some of the features of the app:

  • Themes: my favorite feature, the app has a lot of hidden themes that can be unlocked after doing something like downloading an app, or following the developer.
  • iCloud Sync: the app has been recently updated (yesterday) with this feature, I think it’s great and essential, when you create a list on your iPhone, you can see it on your mac, and vice-versa.

Now I will show you a video about the iPhone version that will describe pretty much everything.

And here’s the video for the Mac version:

You can get the app for the iPhone ($1.99) from the AppStore

And here’s the link for the Mac Version ($14.99) on the Mac AppStore

Hope you like it 🙂

Overall rating: 10/10


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